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On product sales

System Product Division

System Product Division
The main functions of the system class of goods is signed between the agents and vendors, and special shop contract.

Bearing products agent NTN (Corporation)
Control panel, the control rod products company proxy IMAO
Chains, sprockets agent Tsubakimoto Gear Company
Transmission, reducers agent Precision Industry Co., Ltd. and Aoki Nidec Newport Corporation
We also work with other vendors have established a good cooperative relations agency, to provide customers with a wide range of reliable prices of many products.

Of course, in order to meet customer demand, we adjust the product varieties initiative of delivery deadlines,
At the same time to establish trading relationships with most manufacturers, marketers strive to faithfully transfer the product information to customers.

Machine tool class

Has a 50-year-old machine tool class,
with colorful lineup of services and products to serve customer needs.

For the Japanese domestic and international marketing machine tools, forging equipment, used equipment, special machines, meter, machine peripherals, machine tools, parts, consumables. And detection of idle equipment, the acquisition.
Repairs, alterations, repair and transformation services.
Plant migration, migration tools, heavy equipment installation and other services relocated.
Provide air-conditioning, dust, work transportation, materials and product storage, incinerator, heat treatment furnace Substation equipment and other factory equipment.
And even the home solar power equipment, extensive product variety management.

Our experienced full-time marketing personnel to improve plant efficiency for customers to provide solutions.
We also welcome customers to negotiate with us lease contract with an equipment loan related issues.

Control Equipment Division

Control Equipment Division
Hydraulic control device class franchise, pneumatic equipment.
Pumps, hydraulic motors, valves and other products to Bosch Rexroth hydraulic products, Eaton products.
We import the distribution of anti-vibration rubber cushions, mufflers also won praise of customers.
Distribution of hydraulic, pneumatic equipment, overall, to accept a variety of consulting and system design and manufacture of hydraulic units.
Bosch Rexroth hydraulic products, such as product inventory Eaton variety.

Osaka Branch

Osaka Branch
Relations area as an important marketing point, Osaka branch was established in 2002.

Osaka Branch main hydraulic, pneumatic equipment, control unit, control equipment and head office to take the same operating system classes.
Our Main Products Eaton, Osaka and the head stock large variety.
Ready to meet customer needs.

Distribution Center

Distribution Center
Distribution center is transferred to the variety of products, inventory management, rapid response to customer demand.

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